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Dr. Robert and Annette Stagmer are the Apostolic leaders of Revelation 22 Ministries. They are Christian leaders, who for over forty years, have been known as those who encourage, identify, train, and release members of the body of Christ into successful ministry. They started a church and two Christian schools where they served as both Headmaster and pastors.


Revelation 22 Ministries is an alliance of Churches and Ministries gathered to see the Kingdom of God established and advancing in the State of Maryland and beyond. The Stagmers have led statewide intercession for twenty years and now serve as the state Apostles for Maryland with the Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network (HAPN) and the Reformation Prayer Network (RPN).


As writers and educators the Stagmers have published numerous books and booklets. They continue to write additional material for the work of communicating the Reformation of the 21st Century Church.


Why is our ministry Different?

We are accessible to you...


We are here for counsel in wisdom concerning the challenges of ministry and life so that you can find yourself strengthened, equipped, and ready to move forward in your challenge.


Robert received his Doctor of Ministry Degree in 2015, adding academic credentials which will open doors in new areas for all our ministries and especially in academic venues. One of our partners wrote recently that Revelation 22 Alliance imparted legitimacy in ministry to their community so they could freely minister to others.  They mentioned that in being licensed and ordained by us they witnessed a difference it made to those to whom they ministered. People could see that they had accountability.


* We host three annual gatherings of all of our Alliance members

where a unique and dynamic apostolic anointing flows from our Lord.


* We represent and lead you and our state nationally in three International

Intercessory Prayer Ministries;

Heartland Apostolic Prayer Network,

Reformation Prayer Network with Cindy Jacobs.


* We activate people within our Alliance to develop their own voice

and be transformed and released into their unique place of ministry.


* We are good stewards of all gifts.

We sow a first fruits offering of every gift received

into other inter-national ministries so your gift to us becomes seeds twice sown!

And we believe there is a transfusion of life to us all because of it.


* We pray daily for you and your ministry.


Partnership was first made an important statute in Israel as recorded in:


1 Samuel 30:23-25  ”But as his part is that goes down into battle, so shall his part be that stays with the stuff: they shall part (partner) alike.”


So as you partner with us as we go forth, you share equally in all our blessings!


Philippians 1:3-5  “I thank God In all my remembrance of you. In every prayer of mine I always make my entreaty and petition for you all with joy. I thank my God for your fellowship (which translates partnership) in advancing the Good News.” 


Robert and I appreciate our partnership with you because, we share in each other's anointings and giftings and make a bigger impact on the world because of it. We want to envision our partners that as we stand with each other, believe for each other and support each other the greater works of God can be manifested among us.


We endeavor to partner with God's plan, which is for you to reach your full potential individually and in your ministries and that will always be a major objective of our partnership with you!


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