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Partnering Together For Our Mission

We provide end of year statements for all donations. Thank you for partnering with us and may God bless you beyond your expectations.

Pray for us please as we pray for all our partners in fulfilling Father's original intent for His Church-Bride.

Thank you!
Robert and Annette

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Revelation 22 Ministries

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Partnership in Revelation 22 Strategic Alliance begins with an inward call from Jesus through the Holy Spirit to join with us. We then meet with one another and make a personal commitment to one another and the goals of our organization.


The definition of “strategic” from the Greek is the art of generalship at a high level to achieve one or more goals under conditions of uncertainty. Therefore, when we say we are a Strategic Alliance it means that we have joined together with the Lord, and with each other, to overcome His enemies. The goal of our mission has always been power evangelism throughout the state of Maryland for all Christ centered ministries in our partnership as well as in our State. We know you agree that our Commander in Chief, Jesus, is a Man of War, against the satanic forces that hold His people and the lost captive.


We have followed the strategic plans our Lord has given us in many tactical prayer missions since 1996, both with our own Alliance partners, and with other local and national prayer ministries. We have continually followed His mandate to cleanse the land and waters we live upon.












All of these tactical prayer missions have at the center the strategic goal of setting Christ’s people free and preparing this geographical territory, Maryland, for the fullness of harvest. And we believe in


Christ’s timing, through the strategic prayers He has mandated, that many of these ancient strongholds will crumble and the captives caught within them will be free to respond to the gospel.


In addition to our strategic prayer ministry, we partner at the present time with twelve local diverse Apostolic Ministries, three International Apostolic Prayer Ministries, three House Churches, two local Churches, two Healing Room Ministries, and several individual prophetic ministers.

This Ministry is supported by your gifts and offerings. 

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